GWG notes December 2015

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Review of Meeting Notes.

  • need scope for TTT3.
  • TTT3 ideas
  1. Map georetification
    1. requires camera or scanner (scanner better for edges); you need an image of the map-that-is-to-be-georetified
  2. Intro to QGIS / GIS and LifeMapper?
  3. Polygons - Mike Yost (and perhaps using GPS Apps)
  4. Portal Development
    1. need search for FL/AL but uncertainty includes points in AL (polygon data)
    2. spatial extensions
      1. "R-trees" spatially index the data
  5. GEOLocate: update from Nelson on the lastest the software offers
    1. futher integration into Symbiota
    2. new stuff, and collaborative georeferencing tool?
    3. managing a large georeferencing project
  6. re-integration of georeferences
  7. re-using georeferences (say, out of the iDigBio Portal, aka TTD-TCN at AMNH)
  8. Workflows - focus on the georeferencing step
    1. Symbiota: Mike Yost
    2. Specify: Marcy Revelez
    3. EMu: Jessica Utrup
  9. Highlight Use Cases: showing challenges with uncertainties
  10. Locality Services discussion: what do we need (more on this)

Old Notes Below, from September 2015.

1. TTT3 place ideas.

Denver BotGardens as a possibility - Mike Yost is checking on availability UCBerkeley/CalAcademy - DBloom checking on that.

Timing under consideration would be Spring/Summer 2016.

2. How do we take Nelson's GPS Apps data analysis and visualize it? 3. Mike Yost's blog post on his GPS Apps data experience.

Combined 2 and 3.

Mike will send link to blog post for review to volunteers. Comments to be returned asap. This post will be step one in short series of posts on the subject.

4. Writing Good Locality Descriptions - finishing up and "publishing" the updated version.

Folks to review final drafts: Jessica, Marcy, Dave. Deb will confirm most recent draft and send to the vols above.

5. Guidelines for putting together a georeferencing workshop - finishing up and "publishing" this.

Document has been reviewed and is ready to publish. Deb to confirm with latest draft.

6. Webinar ideas? Share your georeferencing challenges / experiences / workflows?

December 8, 2015 - Jessica is giving a webinar about the problems faced when georeferencing paleontological collections. How to georeference using polygons (the MYost method). Batch georeferencing?

7. Georeferencing Workflows

Discussed to make this a part of item #6 using the "this is how I work" format as per

Marcy will put together a loose format and will send to Dave for feedback. Marcy and Jessica are willing to put together a combo written/webinar presentation dealing with specific georeferencing issues they have identified as needing additional clarification.

Deb can post to the Listserv once we have a format.