GWG notes 9 September 2014

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Summary Notes

9 Sept 2014

Present: Jessica Utrup, Una Farrell, Marcia Revelez, Bryan Cody, Ryan Allen, Shannon Asencio, Deb Paul, ...

GWG 130 EDT (1030 Pacific).

Main Topic: Poster, now a Powerpoint Presentation, for iDigBio Summit IV Presenter will be Una Farrell, thanks Una!

Potential Slide topics (are there any missing?) 1. Who we are (with group photos from TTT1 and TTT2) 2a. TTT1 and TTT2 materials 2b. TTT1 and TTT2 persons ready to help / workshops held so far (paying-it-forward model). 3. 4. locality services (dreaming, designing the future) 5. georeferencing workflows? 6. working group and materials (demos / videos) as a resource - where to find us / how to join / statistics about trainings so far? 7. needs of new / existing TCNs - collecting input and feedback

Goals of power point. Communicate what the group does Invite others to join Encourage others to use us / our materials / our TTT trainees as a resource Share where to find us / find stuff / share their georeferencing needs / materials

Format of Session: 55" TVs - one for each working group. The purpose is to have a social session where folks can walk around from station to station - and chat with the presenters. So, the presentation might be done 2, 3, 4 times in the social hour? I think about 5 slides max is all that will fit to make this format work.


Yes, to whomever asked about TTT1 images - yes they do exist - and you can grab them from the Facebook album too.

To Shari: Updated stats please. (raw data available)? We contact the TTT participants - ask about workshops planned - put on poster pay-it-forward aspect

Will TV's have internet access?

Georeferencing worflows - examples in easily formattable versions (like .doc, .ods, etc.) Issues: - discipline specific Quick reference guide source?

catergorization of workflows...


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