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9 December 2014

  1. News from iDigBio Summit (from Una and David)
    1. Una shared most folks were interested in:
      1. when we might have another training and
      2. when and if we might have locality services
        1. likely on the table (up for inclusion) for the 2nd five years of iDigBio.
  2. Question from a TCN regarding TRS data
  3. Jessica and Marcy's work on the idigbio website gwg wiki
    1. Update about Marcy's write up on Specify, Dave - Arctos.
    2. What we want: a brief description of system, who uses it, what types of collections.
    3. Please send any FAQs to add to the wiki to either Marcy ( or Jessica (
      1. Could start with Katrina's question from today about what to do when you are georeferencing what used to be a river location, or even a town -- that is now gone because of a damn being built.
  4. Did this get done?
    1. Dave wanted us to add this link to the wiki on the Georef Calculator section: This is an appliance set up by iDigBio.
      1. Yes, this was done by someone.
  5. Thanks Una and Charlotte!She and Charlotte presented GWG poster about all of the things the georeferencing group has been working on.
  6. Bryan: how are instructions coming along for GeorefCalc Java setup for a couple of diff OS's.
    1. Bryan's update on: I'm also going to work up a very basic georef traing for a departmental mycology class in the spring.
  7. More conversation? on Some talk about gathering data about "lost" places that have been found and where to put this data. Maybe things are getting out there well enough through iDigBio and GBIF, and these lost places are being discovered through these portals.
  8. New TCNs. What might we offer them?
    1. Deb will approach them via the Internal Advisory Committee.
    2. Suggestion from David, perhaps another TTT once next year's TCNs are announced, then we can have a TTT for this and next year's TCNs (total of 6 or 7 TCNs at this point).
  9. Una asked about the Locality fields and fields displayed under the "Other" tab at iDigBio.
    1. Example: and
    2. On behalf of the GWG, Deb sent a note to the development team to request relevant geo fields be displayed with the Locality, not with Other.

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