GWG notes 8 January 2013

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GWG Meeting 8 January 2013


  1. Discuss specific training materials to be developed March 19 - 22 in Gainesville.
  2. Cathy will book your flights - work with her to schedule them.
  3. Discuss content to pull out of first TTT group notes.
  4. Talk with Terri Hildebrand (if she can attend this GWG meeting) about her first training workshop experience.
    1. her teaching schedule did not allow. will try to re-schedule
  5. TODO: Need to write up a formal workshop proposal for the March 19 - 22 meeting.
    1. this includes an Agenda and Food Plan
      1. done.
    2. TODO: Need to write up a formal workshop proposal for the 2nd TTT workshop (early August, dates to be decided). (in progress)
    3. From Deb I will be in Gainesville and may miss part of this meeting for another one.
  6. AdobeConnect Meeting Minutes
    1. Upcoming events: March - Materials Dev and August - TTT
    2. Evaluation and Reporting of training activities by Georef trainers
      1. Options are:
        1. Regular follow up surveys at, for example, 6 months and 1 year
        2. A monthly email invitation to complete an online form describing any activities
      2. Shari could provide customized communications at a frequency deteremined by the trainer
    3. Group agrees that a quarterly message is sufficient to cover the group. Thus, the first inquiry should go out Jan/Feb from iDigBio.
    4. Metrics:
      1. Trainer
      2. Project
      3. Number of Trainees
      4. Trainee Affiliations
      5. Subjects Covered
      6. How would the trainer change or upgrade the training
      7. What worked well
    5. Other metrics project-wide:
      1. Number of georefs completed
      2. Time spent
      3. Cost
      4. Level of accuracy of georefs
    6. Shari will draft something and send it to the group for review.

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