GWG notes 5 February 2013

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Meeting 5 February 2013


  1. Materials development choices for March in Gainesville! (Food, and yes... cookies, chocolate-chocolate chip? crispy? chewy? nuts?)
  2. Feedback for Shari Ellis on Survey. are we done -- shall we send it?
  3. Turning this: and this into a wiki web page with participants for the community to use as a resource.
  4. Now we can include data: trainings done, links to syllabus & materials covered. (for Terri, Angelika, Hannah and whomever else has done workshops now -- as the survey will reveal).
  5. Kevin, please let us know
    1. exactly what audio / video equipment will be available
    2. feasibility of each of us working independently / simultaneously to produce content
    3. most of day 2 - focus on post processing, to leave workshop with materials done.

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