GWG notes 4 June 2012

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GWG notes 4 June 2012

  • Attendees: John W., Nelson Rios, David Bloom, Paul Heinrich, Mary Barkworth, Una Farrell, Renato Figueiredo, Debbie Paul

Topics discussed

1. TODO: Deb access to the servers for John W, Nelson, David, Carol, to create content pages on the iDigBio website.

  • Report back at next meeting in this document. email sent to Jason and Kevin, cc’d others.

2. Standing meeting set for every other Tuesday at 3:30PM EDT (unless it’s not needed).

3. Doodle Poll for Train-the-trainers workshop dates

4. David, Nelson & John will put some Hard Cost Estimates in the Scope Document before next meeting.

5. Paul Heinrich will send Deb (and others in group) meeting notes (and contact person) for the OBFS (Organization of Biological Field Stations). Their meeting is in September and has a post 3-day workshop on Data Management for Field Stations. Perhaps we could co-locate our Train-the-trainers there. Date: 2012 OBFS Annual Meeting, September 19-23, 2012 Location: Archbold Biological Station

6. JW shares that Arthur Chapman, David and John met to discuss plans to update the georeferencing best practices document. JW mentions they’d need funding to finish it. Deb will ask if it’s possible to point some funds that direction.

  • email sent to Jason Grabon, cc’d to John, David and Nelson.

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