GWG notes 3 September 2013

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Short meeting of the GWG.

  • Present: Jessica Utrup, Nelson Rios, Debbie Paul, Una Farrell, Dave Bloom
  1. Post-workshop Survey (ready by Thursday).
    1. Shari says new question added about collaborations and connections made at this particular workshop -- was a useful question to ask.
  2. Advanced GEOLocate - Adobe Connect remote session.
    1. Nelson presenting this on Friday, 6 September. Users have expressed that this session please be recorded.
  3. Next steps.
    1. The "Preparing for a Georeferencing Workshop" document (put together by Deb, reviewed by Carol, Una and Jess) is being reviewed by Dave to put out as a GWG product.
    2. Dave suggests a possible gantt chart of sorts to track availability of trainers (as TCN Projects end) to assess need for more training workshops. Also, revisiting the idea that trainers do this work, usually without recompense (other than covering their food / flight / lodging).
    3. Jess meeting with Dave to discuss agenda for upcoming georeferencing workshop at Yale. This agenda to be shared on the iDigBio Wiki.
    4. Una and Jess are writing up Version 1.0 of
      1. What happens after the GPS exercise?
      2. What happens after the Paper Maps exercise?
      3. Dave will help with the above (4.1,4.2) - he'll send the formulas for parsing out the concatenated data in the excel spreadsheets.
      4. Jess and Una think they can have a first draft of this before the next meeting (Oct. 1).
  4. Dave proposed meeting frequency change. All agreed to change to monthly at this point.
    1. Next meeting: October 1, 2013
    2. Communication by email in the meanwhile.

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