GWG notes 3 July 2012

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GWG notes 3 July 2012

Attending: David Bloom, Carol Spencer, Mary Barkworth, Una Farrell, Kevin Love, Debbie Paul

Dates for workshop

  • Oct 8 - 12th (Carol will need to leave on the 11th). participants arrive on Sunday the 7th., Gainesville (these dates don’t work in TLH) OR September 24th - 28th (in Tallahassee)... Deb is checking availability (football sched not a problem for these dates in TLH).
  • Decision by Friday 6 July. (Note Sept. dates overlap with the Public Participation in Science workshop in Gainesville.
  • Reviewed meeting minutes from 19 June meeting.
  • David will help Deb send out email to TCN PIs on Friday about any special needs they might have or particularly challenging georeferencing datasets they’d like to see worked on at the workshop.
  • Friday, a notice about the workshop goes out to
    • iDigBio Website
    • iDigBio Listserv
    • other listservs as appropriate (TDWG, ECN, Herbaria listserve)...
  • Also on Friday, an invitation is sent to the list of participants (and trainers) to formally invite them and provide them with initial contact information.

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