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Meeting Notes 30 October 2012

  1. Content development progress, plan, coordination. Keep meeting notes on wiki?
  2. Collaborations in eLearning - GBIF Training Program Officer, Alberto González Talaván invited and provided an hour-long overview and tour through their online learning system.
    1. after meeting, we need to keep discussing how we in the iDigBio GWG can collaborate with GBIF to contribute to the georeferencing eLearning tool set. For example, we can provide testers and some of our TCNs will likely have useful unique training content (sample records for given collection types).
    2. Details from Alberto's presentation: 2) Collaborations in eLearning - GBIF Training Program Officer, Alberto González Talaván explained...
      1. certified / and uncertified courses
      2. non-facilitated implemented first = all online, by an individual; excercised have feedback
      3. facilitated courses next: groups, interactions, social learning
        1. blended - mix on / offline work; on sight + off-site(online) students
      4. using Moodle for courses
      5. pilot e-learning course: georeferencing course
      6. work on how students interact
      7. course content still being developed
      8. non-facilitated approach
      9. ~ 30 hours
      10. 12 units
      11. Facilitated learning done before the end of the year 2013
    3. Conversation captured:
      1. John Wieczorek: So, from my perspective, this seems a mature and far-reaching platform for training that we should help to develop so that we don't end up doing similar things in multiple places. One interesting thing here is the ability to "test" the students abilities after training. A question, Alberto. Will the course content be indexed by search engines?
      2. Alberto González: Yes to search engines, John
      3. Deb Paul:
      4. John Wieczorek: I really would like to be able to manage things in one place to the extent possible. Maintenance has become a real headache otherwise.
      5. Alberto González: Some info:
    4. Bob Hanner invited, could not come today - Distance Learning, University of Guelph
    5. Alberto wrote: we will coordinate the test efforts through the data quality interest group in the GBIF community site. I would like to invite you to join it by going to and creating an account (you can also use your Yahoo or Google credentials to authenticate), and afterwards join the group at More announcements will come through that group very soon. I have also created student credentials for you and Una for the eLearning platform so you can have a look at it as it is now. I will send them to you individually.
  3. Working Group scope Item review - what next?
  4. Survey results. Implications for next Workshop
  5. Review next workshop proposal
  6. iDigBio Summit Report
  7. Schedule change for GWG calls?

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