GWG notes 27 November 2012

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Meeting: 27 November 2012

Tuesday 3:30 EST at


In attendance:David Bloom, and ?... (Deb out ill).

  1. Date for next TTT workshop: check with TDWG - do not want to overlap. check iDigBio Summit 2013 dates
  2. Appears that a mixed model for funding is going to be implemented, those 12 people on the waiting list who are expecting to be covered would be.
  3. We recommend August for the next wrksp.
  4. Deb sent feedback about funding participants for next georef workshop to the steering committee on 21 Nov 2012. They are okay with our concerns.
  5. Feedback: From Mary Barkworth - we know that Terri’s workshop went well.
    1. Deb has contacted Terri, who is planning a 2nd workshop. We’re hoping to have a blog / interview post on iDigBio about her workshop and discuss perhaps getting Shari Ellis to post-workshop survey for the participants -- for our use / report back on progress / usefulness of our work.
  6. March 2013 for GWG meeting to plan course materials development. Meet in GNV to take advantage of tools, toys, and K-Lo.
  7. put together a production list, completely the end of Feb 2013.
  8. Workshop materials development (putting the workshop notes to good use).
    1. Review agenda to determine what parts can be translated into video and which need to be done in person or which could be pushed to more advanced levels in person. ##Goal is to create a series of video tutorials of various lengths, textual tutorials w/ pictures, and refined reference documents (e.g., single source organizing//listing online resources).
    2. Review navigation of iDigBio site, once the new site has been developed, reconsider the use of, if necessary. Rethink the structure of the georef wiki to make sure navigation is easy.
    3. Web site(s)/wikis should probably be organized in a similar fashion as the wrksps are presented.
  9. For Next GWG Call:
    1. Finalize Workshop dates (deb sent note to David Jennings & Cathy Bester to check availability for August 2013)
    2. Finalize Materials Work Meeting dates (deb sent note to David and Cathy about March availability too).
    3. Discuss funding model for next wksp (yes, as Larry asked for group feedback. Larry does like the NEScent model / approach and we are likely to be following it for all our workshops).

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