GWG notes 25 June 2013

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GWG notes 25 June 2013

Thanks much David for your note. We figured you were busy with the VertNet biodiversity informatics workshop. We look forward to your draft agenda. Nelson is in Japan, Mary has company from Australia. Others were busy too. So it was just Jessica and I.

We met and briefly discussed the Preparing for a Georef Workshop document, the plans for a t-shirt, and general bits about the upcoming TTT #2.

Outcomes from today. 1. Jessica will send t-shirt design to me by the end of the week for us to look at (and Jeremy here at iDigBio can lend his design expertise to our ideas).

2. Jessica (and anyone else interested) is going to review the Preparing for a Georef Workshop document I sent and I'll create V1 to put up at iDigBio by the end of the week. We can then revise as needed.

3. I'll send an email to all TTT #2 participants to ask about t-shirts this week - as the t-shirt shop needs 2 week turn-around time.

4. Next meeting is: July 9th unless anyone thinks we need to meet before that.

5. The draft agenda will likely come from you next week (thank you again!) for all of us to review.

6. Jessica's put up a question about Batch georeferencing TRS data at the GWG forum:

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