GWG notes 22 January 2013

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Meeting Notes 22 January 2013

  1. March 19th - 22nd in G'ville.Choose materials to develop.
    1. materials TTT participants can use to train others
      1. keeping in mind that GBIF materials will eventually be useful for this
      2. format (video, related reading materials)
    2. materials that can be used to for TTT workshops
      1. format (video, related reading materials)
  2. Week of August 12th for the TTT #2 looks like the best bet.
    1. Location: Gainesville
    2. Trainers, Nelson, David, Una, ...
  3. Shari Ellis survey of TTT#1 participants. (we need content of survey, date to send out, compile results, report).
  4. Terri Hildebrand needs to possibly meet with us on a M, W or F (has a T-Thur teaching schedule conflict).

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