GWG notes 19 June 2012

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GWG notes 19 June 2012

In attendance: Jason Grabon, Mary Barkworth, Paul Heinrich, Dave Bloom

Topics Discussed

  • Training Dates
  • Workshop Participation
  • Training Preparation
  • Next Meeting

Training Dates

We discussed the responses to the Doodle poll for the scheduling of the Train the Trainers Georeferencing Workshop.

What we know about the workshop: Trainers will be Dave Bloom, Nelson Rios, John Wieczorek, and Carol Spencer. Participants will be limited to the 20-25 range. Members of TCNs have priority, but several spaces should be made available to make certain we have reasonable taxonomic and geographic representation.

Since not all of the trainers have completed the poll we could only go so far as to identify three specific weeks that appear to be the best options for the workshop.

  1. 1: October 8-12
  2. 2: September 24-28
  3. 3: November 5-9

We recognize that it will be difficult, at best, to find a time when everyone on the GWG can attend. The priority is to make certain we can find a time when all of the trainers are available. DBloom will check with Carol about these dates (but based on her current calendar these should all work) - Carol will be added to the GWG, too.

We will have to come to an agreement about the workshop dates during, or before, our next meeting.

Workshop Participation

Based on previous conversations, we know that all of the participants currently having expressed interest in attending the workshop are from TCNs. There may be several spaces available as of 20June2012.

Before we fill any remaining spaces, we want to be certain that the TCNs invited to participate have extended the opportunity to ALL of their collaborating institutions to avoid limiting participation to members of the primary collaborating institution. DBloom will follow up with DPaul on this issue.

MBarkworth expressed interest in viewing the current list of potential participants in order to determine who she might recommend for participation to expand geographic and taxonomic breadth, as necessary. If it is ok to share the list, DPaul will make that list available to the group.

Training Preparation

This discussion was brief. The trainers already have significant resources at their disposal to conduct a training. What is needed is the identification of any special needs or interests from iDigBio and the TCNs. Once these have been noted (if there are any), the trainers can modify their existing workshop materials and schedule to meet these needs.

Some considerations: Additional time during the workshop to discuss preparations for a workshop, where to find materials, and time to practice short training presentations for feedback from the larger group. Do TCNs want time to bring their challenging/troublesome georef issues/data to the workshop for solution-seeking by the larger group.

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