GWG notes 17 July 2012

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Meeting Notes 17 July 2012

  • Attending: David Bloom, John Wieczorek, Reed Beaman, Una Farrell, Mary Barkworth, Nelson Rios, Debbie Paul
  • Agenda (feel free to add items -- posted to listserve
  1. Save the Date: Oct 8 - 12, Train the Trainers Workshop, Gainesville, Florida.
    1. Invites sent.
    2. Applications coming in.
    3. Waiting for some TCNs to send an actual names.
  2. Steering Committee needs costing for scope items soonest.
    1. For proposal to update the Georeferencing Best Practices guide, the steering committee would like a rationale as to: what kinds of changes are needed, why they are important (how will they improve the situation for the community) and how much this will cost.
  3. Make plan as to who is going to work on what iDigBio Georeferencing Pages content and start the Wiki and Forum pages. All encouraged to get accounts at the iDigBio Website.
  4. The Georeferencing Pages were reviewed as a group, see:

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