GWG notes 16 October 2012

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Meeting October 16th, 330PM EDT


  • Topics
  1. The recent GWG Training Workshop.
    1. All feedback heard so far about the workshop is positive, from the participants as well as iDigBio staff, PI's and outside community members.
    2. Shari Ellis is resending the link to the survey to the workshop participants.
  2. The upcoming summit - GWG Report Back
    1. Deb is preparing initial draft of the GWG report for the summit. The working group will see it on Friday -- sending comments back by email (or in their copy of the powerpoint)
  3. Videos - Kevin is working on these for posting at iDigBio's vimeo site.
  4. Finding prior workshop content at iDigBio
    1. Just have one georef forum. Delete the other one.
  5. The next GWG Training Workshop (currently scheduled for March 11 - 15, 2013, Gainesville) - now moved to August 2013.
  6. Workshop Proposals now Required.
    1. Draft Proposal for 2nd Workshop attached.
    2. John is going to put together the initial agenda for the next meeting, Oct 30th, 330 PM EDT and send out for comment / feedback. Topics include
      1. our next working group scope items --
      2. like elearning materials and
      3. our next georeferencing workshop --
      4. and the proposal we need to give to the steering committee at iDigBio soon.
      5. and possibly starting to keep meeting notes on the wiki?

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