GWG notes 16 April 2013

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Meeting Notes 16 April 2013

Topics (not limited to):

  1. Agenda page and Logistics Page V0 done:
    1. Agenda TTT2
    2. Logistics TTT#2
  2. Feedback on splash - done.
    1. Deb notes from converting ppt slide to jpg (or tiff) from ppt into camtasia makes for a blurry splash.
    2. Deb will try to make a template version in photoshop so that others can edit as needed for their videos.
  3. Feedback on videos.
    1. Nelson's videos are done (Kevin has them). They are waiting for splash.
    2. Mary is going to take a crack at re-doing the audio portion of the Geographical Concepts.
    3. David shares he'll finish the maps video later this week.
    4. No word yet from John.
  4. About the "preparing for a workshop" - no feedback from others yet.
  5. Workshop proposal turned in last week.
  6. Workshop announcement at iDigBio done.
  7. Announcement sent to ECN, TAXACOM, NHCOLL, MUSEUM-L, Herbaria list serve and other groups.
  8. Email sent and phone calls made to existing TCNs.
  9. 3 persons from last time accepted the re-invitations.
  10. Mary is planning to apply, so she will not be reviewing applicants.
  11. Applications due May 9th
  12. Review in May.
  13. Notify applicants as early in May as possible. July 1st all airfares booked.
  14. Send pre-workshop survey after notification.
    1. NOTE from Shari: please plan to send before May 17th or early June. Early June may likely the best fit. Deb would prefer May 16th so that we might be able to have workshop content settled before July (take July off).
    2. pre-workshop survey results review on what date? early June?.
    3. re-design agenda based on results (if needed).
    4. day to send out pre-reading / video material list?
  15. Instructors - at this point
    1. David Bloom
    2. Nelson Rios
    3. Carol Spencer (field work dates?)
    4. Una Farrell
  16. June 1st deadline for all participants so airfares can be booked.
  17. July 1st, all airfares booked.
  18. July 11th, last day to finalize room count at hotel for guaranteed rate.
  19. workshop dates: August 12 - 16th
  20. Travel dates: August 11 / August 17th.
  21. Anyone wanting to come earlier or later to do research in the collections needs to coordinate this with travel (Cathy Bester) and will have to pay for the extra hotel nights themselves.
  22. Would you like me to check and see if we can offer an evening museum tour, or evening time in the collections, or other group event (besides foooood) ?
  23. Some conversations about workshop content (who will cover what).
  24. Some conversations about workshop length and thinking to have either Monday or Friday be a half-day.
  25. Plan is to have a pre-meeting with as many participants as can make it -- via Adobe Connect.

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