GWG notes 14 October 2014

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14 Oct 2014

iDigBio GWG wiki: Jessica and Marcy have worked on updating the site, adjusting links, and adding valuable tools. Moving forward: Marcy to write up about Specify, Dave about Arctos. What we want: a brief description of system, who uses it, what types of collections. Please send any FAQs to add to the wiki to either Marcy ( or Jessica (

Dave wanted us to add this link to the wiki on the Georef Calculator section: This is an appliance set up by iDigBio.

Una showed us the fabulous poster she will be presenting at the iDigBio Summit in Gainesville in October. She and Charlotte will present the poster about all of the things the georeferencing group has been working on.

Bryan will write up some instructions for GeorefCalc Java setup for a couple of diff OS's. I'm also going to work up a very basic georef traing for a departmental mycology class in the spring.

Some talk about gathering data about "lost" places that have been found and where to put this data. Maybe things are getting out there well enough through iDigBio and GBIF, and these lost places are being discovered through these portals.

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