GWG notes 14 July 2015

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14 July 2015

  1. Update on GPS apps data compared to GPS units
    1. We have 8 datasets (thanks everyone!)
    2. Marcy will compile data (she may contact you for explanations), due July 23.
    3. Nelson will analyze data compiled by Marcy.
    4. Mike Yost will write up results, we'll add / edit text. Thanks Mike, Marcy, and Nelson!
  2. Everyone is going to reach out to look into a location for TTT3.
    1. All are encouraged to bring ideas for content for TTT3 to next meeting.
  3. Dorothy Allard and student contacted us at the meeting for help with a lat / lon question.
    1. Google Maps has changed this feature. Now, you just need to "right click" on the map to get coordinates.
  4. No meeting in August 2015
  5. Next meeting September 8th 2015, 130 EDT

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