GWG notes 11 September 2012

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Meeting 11 September 2012

  • Topics.
  1. (Main topic) Finalize Agenda & Roles.
    1. Last minute issues / questions?
    2. Kevin Love - and videography - update? See Schedule Outline
    3. Cathy needs to know if we need breakout rooms, what day/s, how many, what time? No.
    4. Dinner at Leonardo's on Thursday -- okay? Yes. 7 PM
    5. Are break - times unchanged (for scheduling food / drink)? Yes.
  2. Materials for the Website / useful for workshop.
    1. Justin, how about a workshop page: where all the links to the ppts, pdfs, videos, are all on one wiki page. These are now embedded in the Agenda Wiki for the workshop itself. Thanks Justin,Nelson, David!
  3. Reading materials mailing for participants - September 28th or so (contents include links to iDigBio pages for workshop).
    1. Each TCN is being asked to pick one representative to prepare 2 - 4 minutes about their Georeferencing Scope. What are they planning to use? Who will be doing the Georeferencing (automated, crowd-sourced)? How many specimens? Deb will send email in a week or so to let them know we need this presentation from them.
    2. Participant list
  4. Tentative - schedule to meet after workshop --> materials development planning.
  5. Tentative - schedule second workshop (funded for this fiscal year -- so by June 30th).
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