GWG notes 11 February 2014

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  • Attendees: Mary Barkworth, Nelson Rios, Reed Beaman, Una Farrell, Deb Paul, Ben Frable, David Bloom
  • Agenda
  1. Your FEEDBack for Goal: a curated high-value resource (not "catch-all")
    1. Check for links that don't work, or just not worth it, or are missing (and need to be added).
    2. Note any design issues
    3. photos (georeferencing in action) needed
    4. known that Geolocate information / links need adding (Nelson)
    5. Google Calendar there will be a community resource for georef workshops
    6. Some limited users will have update / edit permissions - group to be adjusted as needed.
    7. Site: currently lives on the KU server
    8. Feedback: send feedback to before February
  2. Locality Service Requirements document.
    1. First rough draft written. Those involved with V0 are reviewing some comments.
      1. Thank you Nelson, Una, John, David, and Jess (who is very busy acquainting Amelia Mary with planet Earth and all that that entails)...
    2. Have a look here - please insert comments (anyone with link can edit)
  3. Next?


  • Conversation about Locality Service document. Reed, Nelson, David, John, (others) to review and add content to answer the questions at the bottom of the document for the next meeting.
    • Nelson: Suggestion: Integrate existing data, then build combined gazetteer. Build the plumbing - to populate these gazetteers.
    • Reed: As a new proposal - would need to be innovative in resolving the streams of data that exist in the community. (analogous perhaps to FilteredPUSH). Mary B. & Reed B. Collectors like to fix / improve their own data.
  • Feedback to David about as we have it.
  • Videos on Vimeo: each needs paragraph synopsis: appropriate (intended) audience, description of video (recorded as part of a workshop OR produced separately), Kevin says this is possible. We can also order them as we like -- and need to give Kevin feedback on order (or get permission to order these ourselves).
    • Next meeting: 11 March 2014 130PM EST.

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