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Education & Outreach WG Meeting Notes: 20 August 2013


  1. Future E&O Working Group Meetings- Cathy
    next scheduled E&O meetings will be at the iDigBio Summit III in November and the E&O Workshop tentatively scheduled for January 2014
  2. TCN E&O Liaison Update- Cathy/Bruce
    still need E&O liaison contacts at two of the three new TCNs
  3. Explore Research Video Ideas/Production Update - Betty
    team is currently working on SPNHC meeting videos which will be followed by a flat sheets/packets digitization workflow video
  4. PIRE/FOSSIL Project/”Fossils In the Cloud" Updates - Bruce
  5. E&O Workshop Planning- Cathy  tentative dates: 1/14-1/17/2014 or 1/15-1/18 2014
  6. US Science and Engineering Festival Expo - Bruce and Kevin
  7. Public Participation/E&O Integration at iDigBio- Austin M.
  8. iDigBio E&O web site: landing page and resources-Cathy
  9. iDigBio E&O web site: classroom curriculum-Austin M.
  10. Meeting Reports – SPNHC/Botany 2013/Animal Diversity Web
  11. New iDigBio Displays including how to reserve- David
    email David or Oicenth to reserve the iDigBio trade show display
  12. Ongoing activities and updates- All

To Do:

Bruce will contact remaining TCNs for E&O liaison names

Gil, Kevin, and Cathy will work on scripting and storyboarding for the herbarium digitization workflow video

Cathy will email Austin H. for electronic files of the fossil brochure and poster for the web site

Working Group will move forward on E&O workshop planning

Kevin, Austin H., Cathy, Libby, David, and Deb will form a subcommittee and travel to the US Science Expo with the iDigBio exhibit

Cathy will create a calendar of E&O activities to share, work with Bruce and Kevin on this

Kevin will continue to work on a social media strategy

Cathy will continue to aggregate resources to be included on the E&O web pages of the iDigBio web site