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Entomological Collections Network Annual Meeting 2019

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Entomological Collections Network Annual Meeting 2019
Entomological Collections Network Annual Meeting 2019

This wiki supports the Entomological Collections Network Annual Meeting, November 16-17, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri.

ECN 2019 Presentations

Entomological Collections Network Annual Meeting
Saturday November 16th and Sunday November 17th, 2019
Marriott St. Louis Grand, 800 Washington Street, St. Louis, Missouri

Workshop Recordings

Recording Start Time


ECN Program Time


Title Speaker Adobe Connect and MP4 recording links
Day 1
9:29 AM 8:30-8:48 AM

8:48-9:06 AM

From documenting diversity to monitoring ecosystems: Entomological growth at the Arizona State University Biocollections, with an introduction to the NEON Biorepository

Documenting Collections Use: The 2018 Science Report of the Canadian Museum of Nature

Andrew Johnston

Robert Anderson

AdobeConnect MP4
10:05 AM 9:06-9:24 AM Curation and collections as scholarly work: an argument in defense of museum-centric publications and improved citation practices Christopher J Marshall AdobeConnect MP4
10:25 AM 9:24-9:42 AM Once in a lifetime: re-curating the SEMC’s Cerambycidae, a premature example of curation as intellectual product Zach Falin AdobeConnect MP4
10:43 AM 9:42-10:00 AM Who Uses Our Collections? Max Barclay AdobeConnect MP4
11:00-11:15 AM Break
11:19 AM 10:15-10:33 AM Suction trap network in the USA Midwest Doris Lagos-Kutz AdobeConnect MP4
11:35 10:33-10:51 AM Avoiding the riff-raff: modified Malaise sampling for the collection of aphid parasitoids Abigail Martens AdobeConnect MP4
11:51 10:51-11:09 AM The Wisconsin Insect Research Collection (WIRC) — doing more with less in a medium-sized entomological collectio Craig Brabant AdobeConnect MP4
12:09? 11:09-11:27 AM Progress in digitizing the Diptera and Odonata collections at the USNM Torsten Dikow
12:27 11:27-11:45 AM Metamorphosis complete: Reintroducing the UMMZ Insect Collection after the big mov Ericka Tucker AdobeConnect MP4
12:46 11:45-12:03 PM A new life for an iconic collection: Promoting access to the Charles & Lois O’Brien Insect Collections at Arizona State University Emmy Engasser AdobeConnect MP4
1:00 - 2:30 PM Lunch
2:35 PM 1:30-1:50 PM Building an entomological cryo-collection: Insights from the NEON Biorepository Andrew Johnston AdobeConnect MP4
2:51 PM 1:50-2:05 PM Sequencing challenging specimens: balancing sequencing success and preservation of valuable DNA with small, old ground beetle specimens (Coleoptera: Carabidae John Sproul AdobeConnect MP4
3:06 PM 2:05-2:25 PM From bottle, to drawer, to bench: a summary of methods and processes for genomic DNA studies of microhymenoptera Matt Buffington, Bonnie Blaimer AdobeConnect MP4
3:25 PM 2:25-2:40 PM Target enrichment using historical specimens and PCR products as probes Bruno de Medeiros AdobeConnect MP4
3:41 PM 2:40-2:55 PM Collecting Insects for Genomic Research Marueen Trucatel AdobeConnect MP4
3:54 PM 2:55-3:10 PM To extract or not extract: thinking about best practices for incorporating dry specimens in molecular studies Kojun Kanda AdobeConnect MP4
4:30 - 4:45 PM Break
4:52 PM 3:50-3:55 Stumped, but then not stumped, thanks to that stump (and a bit of frustration) Dan Young AdobeConnect MP4
5:00 PM 3:55-4:00 Essays in the collection Erica Mc Alister AdobeConnect MP4
5:05 PM 4:00-4:05 Coloration no more Stylianos (Stelios) Chatzimanolis AdobeConnect MP4
5:09 PM 4:05-4:10 Stephan’s riffle beetle (Heterelmis stephani): Extinction is not the end Gene Hall AdobeConnect MP4
5:14 PM 4:10-4:15 From the mummy wrappings of Wah, a 4020 year-old gryllid Christine Johnson AdobeConnect MP4
5:20 PM 4:15-4:20 Aquatic legacy: the Hilsenhoff Collection Jacki Whisenant AdobeConnect MP4
5:24 PM 4:20-4:25 The McMillan Cabinet of Insects and the creation of the A.J. Cook Arthropod Research Collection Anthony Cognato AdobeConnect MP4
5:30 PM 4:25-4:30 Lost and found and (maybe) lost again: Hawaii’s loneliest fly Karl Magnacca AdobeConnect MP4
5:36 PM 4:30-4:35 The Teneb that broke Paul Johnson’s heart Mike Ivie AdobeConnect MP4
5:41 PM 4:35-4:40 Tiny revolutionaries overturn a megadiverse group Margaret Thayer AdobeConnect MP4
5:48 PM 4:40-4:45 A life story written on entomological labels Marcin Jan Kaminski AdobeConnect MP4
5:55 PM 4:45-4:50 A pet in every sense of the word Natalie Dale-Skey AdobeConnect MP4
6:00 PM 4:50-4:55 Under pressure: James Chapman’s ants in the Philippines Rachel Langston Hawkins AdobeConnect MP4
Day 2
9:31 AM 8:30-8:48 A method for rapid cabinet-space assessment in the Museum of Comparative Zoology Entomology Collection Crystal Maier AdobeConnect MP4
9:49 AM 8:48-9:06 Standardization and Data Flexibility: Lessons Learned from Digitization of a Large Lepidoptera Natural History Collection Laurel Kaminsky AdobeConnect MP4
10:06 AM 9:06-9:24 Little brown beetles (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea) go digital: progress on the Cucujoidea Species File project Tommy McElrath AdobeConnect MP4
10:26 AM 9:24-9:42 Design and workflows for digitization of fluid-based larval insect collections Erin Lapasaran, Victoria Tran AdobeConnect MP4
10:41 AM 9:42-10:00 Digitization TCN: Terrestrial Parasite Tracker: Digitizing collections to trace parasite-host associations and predict the spread of vector-borne disease Kathryn Sullivan AdobeConnect MP4
10:59 AM 10:00-10:18 Pakela hopeo: too many wasps in Hawaii Karl Magnacca AdobeConnect MP4
11:14 AM 10:18-10:36 The UNH Natural History Collections Complex István Mikó AdobeConnect MP4
10:36-10:45 Break
11:47 AM 10:45-10:55 Twenty-five years ago: Two intense years as entomologist in Rwanda Luc LeBlanc AdobeConnect MP4
12:11 PM 10:55-11:05 Close calls in the Dominican Republic: Tangles with the police and near death from hypothermia and lightning Derek Sikes AdobeConnect MP4
12:20 PM 11:05-11:15 Badass Bots. Fun with Oestrids Erica McAlister
12:29 PM 11:15-11:25 No hablo español: six weeks on Hispaniola and Puerto Rico Oliver Keller AdobeConnect MP4
12:36 PM 11:25-11:35 Field Sketches: Adventures in the Wisconsin Wilderness Jacki Whisenant AdobeConnect MP4
12:51 PM 11:35-11:45 Beetles, snakes, and feathers Rolf Aalbu AdobeConnect MP4
Closing Remarks AdobeConnect MP4

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