Developing Robust Object to Image to Data (DROID4)

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3D Objects in Trays and Drawers Digitization Workflows Working Group

Various preparation-specific working groups were spawned from the DROID workshop ( held in Gainesville, Florida in May 2012. The purpose of this workshop was an exploration of digitization workflows and methods for improving workflow efficiency across preparation types. The DROID 3 working group, called 3D Objects and Things in Spirits, was focused on three dimensional objects, whether stored wet or dry, to include a variety of biological and paleontological preparations. After beginning the workflows for this group, it was decided that a fourth group (DROID 4) needed to be added to deal specifically with dry 3D objects stored in trays and drawers. The working group will publish the results of its work on the iDigBio documentation pages, accessed via, or directly at


This working group will focus on developing digitization workflows for three dimensional specimens stored dry in trays and drawers.

Working Documents

Working Group Members