Building Collections-Based Curricula for the High School Classroom

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This workshop is a collaboration among the iDigBio Education and Outreach Working Group, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and the Microfungi TCN.

Date: Three day Workshop the week of July 9th, 2018

Location: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Summary: This will be a three-day workshop for 20 high school teachers from North Carolina. During the workshop, teachers will be introduced to natural history collections and collections data, the iDigBio portal, and example lesson plans using the portal, and then will be asked to create their own lesson plans and activities using digitized collections.

Goals: Workshop goals include: (1) increasing the knowledge of natural history collections and collections data; (2) increasing the competency for implementing collections-based activities in the classroom; and (3) increasing the knowledge of how to search the iDigBio portal.

Outcomes: (1) For the educators to share with us a draft of a lesson plan that they will adopt in their classrooms (with assessment). (2) This workshop is meant to serve as a pilot that we hope we can package in a way that any TCN could use for their own broader impact goals.

Workshop Logistics

More coming soon!


More coming soon!