Advances in Digital Media Series

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Series Objective

This series of workshops will focus on high level discussions of the solutions, challenges, and bottlenecks as well as enhancements and improvements that have advanced the quality, imaging efficiency, and research use of specimen images. The workshops will bring in leading experts in the field together to address these advances. There will also be opportunities for the community to apply to attend the workshop with the hopes of knowledge sharing with new professionals. Ultimately we hope to have a trade show finale at the 2024 Digital Data Conference at KU featuring highlighted topics from the workshops.

All workshops will address both imaging developments related to equipment and additionally within the advances to protocols, management, and research. Workshops will also look at other digital media advances such as videos, audio recordings, and bioacoustics. The usage of A.I. to further research within these fields will be a major focus. We also hope to address imaging and media solutions for different budgets.




Workshop 1: March 25-26, 2024: Florida Museum of Natural History

Workshop 2: June 10-11, 2024: Yale Peabody Museum