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List of Participants

Allison, Allen
Bishop Museum

Bart, Hank
Tulane University

Burgess, George
Florida Museum of Natural History
Rep. American Elasmobranch Society

Cannatella, David
Texas Memorial Museum
Rep. All Species Foundation
Rep. Society of Systematic Biologists

Cracraft, Joel
American Museum of Natural History

Culley, Theresa
University of Cincinnati

Curry, Gordon
Systematics Association (UK)

Frost, Darrel
American Museum of Natural History
Rep. The Herpetologists League

Funk, Vicki
Smithsonian Institution

Gardner, Scott
University of Nebraska
Rep. American Society of Parasitologists
Rep. Society of Nematologists

Garrity, George
Michigan State University
Rep. International Commission, Systematics of Prokaryotes
Rep. Bergey's Manual Trust

Graf, Daniel L.
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Rep. American Malacological Society

Graham, Mark
Canadian Museum of Nature

Gropp, Robert
American Institute of Biological Sciences

Guala, Stinger
National Science Foundation

Hall, Jason
American Association of Museums

Horton, Diana
University of Iowa

Huber, Brian
Smithsonian Institution

Jeffords, Mike
Illinois Natural History Survey

Jones, Doug
Florida Museum of Natural History

Judd, Darlene
Oregon State University

Kimsey, Lynn
University of California-Davis
Rep. International Society of Hymenopterists

Koleff, Patricia
Conabio (Mexico)

Levin, Geoff
Illinois Natural History Survey

Loneux, Michele
Zoological Museum (Belgium)
Rep. for Belgium Frenchspeaking Association of Museums
Rep. Belgian Naturalists Society

Lipscomb, Diana
George Washington University

Lydeard, Charles
University of Alabama
Rep. Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society

Magill, Robert
Missouri Botanical Garden
Rep. American Bryological and Lichenological Society

Mares, Michael
Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

McCartney, Nancy
University of Arkansas

McDade, Lucinda
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
Rep. American Society of Plant Taxonomists

Michan-Aguirre, Layla
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Miller, Jacqueline
Allyn Museum
Rep. Entomological Society of America

Miller, Steve
University of Wyoming
Rep. North American Mycological Association

Mishler, Brent
University of California-Berkeley
Rep. Botanical Society of America

Mueller, Gregory
Field Museum of Natural History
Rep. Natural Science Collections Alliance

Naczi, Robert
Delaware State University

Page, Larry
Florida Museum of Natural History
Rep. American Society of Ichthyologists & Herpetologists

Patterson, Bruce
Field Museum of Natural History
Rep. American Society of Mammalogists

Paulay, Gustav
Florida Museum of Natural History
Rep. "Unification in the Collections Community" Workshop

Pogue, Michael
US Department of Agriculture
Rep. The Lepidopterists' Society

Poston, Muriel
National Science Foundation

Prather, Alan
Michigan State University
Rep. American Society of Plant Taxonomists

Rawlins, John
Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Schlitter, Duane A.
Texas A&M University

Simons, Andrew
Bell Museum, University of Minnesota
Rep. American Fisheries Society

Snow, Neil
University of Northern Colorado

Steadman, David
Florida Museum of Natural History

Stevenson, Dennis
The New York Botanical Garden

Sumrall, Colin
University of Tennessee
Rep. Paleontological Society of America

Tang, Evonne
National Academy of Sciences

Thiers, Barbara
New York Botanical Garden

Tirrell, Peter
Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
Rep. American Association of Museums

Trueb, Linda
University of Kansas Museum of Natural History

Welbourn, W. C.
Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Rep. Acarological Society of America

Wheeler, Quentin
National Science Foundation

Woolley, James
National Science Foundation

Wetzer, Regina
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Work, Paula
University of Maine
Rep. Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections

Photo by Tammy Johnson